Consistency through integration and intelligent interfaces

SimChain Supply Network

SimChain stands for consistency throughout planning, commissioning and operations of complex supply chains
and logistics networks.

  • All structural data can be im- and exported. The model is generated
    with the click of a button.
  • User friendly interfaces for import, visualisation, modification and export
    of structure data.
  • A scenario manager supports the experiment design and the carrying out
    of experiments.
  • Simple integration of external data from ERP-/PPS systems, e.g. with the help of ETL tools (extract, transform, load).

Supply Chain Management

  • SimChain is object-oriented and based on the simulation software Plant Simulation of Siemens plc (Tecnomatix). Models can be expanded easily and adjusted individually at any point in the design process.
  • Naturally SimChain can be operated altogether independently from operative SCM software solutions.